City of Victorian Heritage

Welcome to Union, Oregon.

Union has maintained its rural charm and friendly atmosphere. With a population of just over 2100 this town has clean air and fabulous water and is a highly desirable place to live, play, retire and visit. Open space, appealing Victorian style homes, buildings and tree-lined streets preserves its historic authenticity.

Union has many great amenities including Buffalo Peak Golf Course, Eastern Oregon Live Stockshow, Union County Museum, Union Historic Cemetery, Union Historic Hotel, Historic Carnegie Library, too many to list.

Union offers a unique character and quality of life. Strategically placed between La Grande
and North Powder on Highway 203 and 237, Union has much to offer. With the Federal
Highway (Interstate 84) 11 miles northwest of Union, access to and from the community is
efficient and diverse. Union has infrastructure to allow growth without disturbing the beauty
of the landscape.

In 1862, Conrad Miller planted apple and pear trees and began one of the first nurseries in the Grande Ronde Valley. Other settlers soon followed and a town was established in 1878. Victorian homes and charming brick buildings lined Main Street through what is now known as the town’s National Historic District. Traditionally a lumber and agriculture town, Union has broadened its interests to include serving visitors. A few more of Union’s amenities are; a health clinic, gift shops, pharmacy, Post Office, City Park with gazebo,  proximity to camping, hiking and hunting, Historic Hotel, Catherine Creek, community/school athletic facility with several fields geared to tournament size activities, and an amazing school district.

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Press Release

For more information contact

City of Union

Sandra Patterson, City Administrator

Office: 541-562-5197

City of Union will not renew Union County Sheriff Contract, current contract ends September 30, 2016.

Contract negotiations reach impasse between City of Union and Union County Sheriff’s Department.

The City of Union continues our commitment to work with our community to prevent and solve crimes through existing police services of the Union County Sheriff Department and the Oregon State Police Department.

The City of Union, on behalf of the citizens of Union taxpayers have been attempting to negotiate for the past 9 months a new service contract with the Sheriff’s Department but have reached an impasse over service costs and the basis for those services provided by the Sheriff’s Department.

The city hereby expresses profound appreciation for the high level of care and professionalism rendered by both Union County Sheriff and his deputies and Oregon State Police. Knowing these skilled and dedicated professionals are policing our communities give great comfort as we transition to a similar model of policing provided to our sister communities La Grande, Cove, North Powder, Imbler and Summerville.




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August 29, 2016

City of Union

List of Candidates for office January 2017

November 2016 Election

Mayor’s position a term of two years:

Douglas Osburn

Leonard Flint

Council Member position #1, a term of four years:

Susan Hawkins

Council Member position #3, a term of four years:

Claude D. Morgan Jr.

Jay Blackburn

Council Member position #5, a term of four years:

John Patrick Farmer

The above names are as they will appear on the November 8, 2016 ballot, the length of term, and the office they are running for.


Sandra Patterson

City Administrator/Recorder



City Council Seeks Comment

Council takes citizen comment seriously. Public comment is taken during all regular meetings at the beginning and at the end. Council regular meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7 pm.  As a reminder Council also holds work sessions which public comment may be take during these meetings. For up to date information don’t forget to follow the city happenings on Facebook, “City of Union, Oregon”.

Meeting notices are posted in the community calendar which is posted on this site, along with several locations around town to include city hall, post office, Union Market and the library. If you’d like to receive a meeting agenda by email please email Sandra at to be placed on the mailing list.

Local Wind Farm Project Still Active 2015

Antelope Ridge Wind Farm 

Antelope Ridge Wind Power Project LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Horizon Wind Energy LLC, is proposing to construct and operate the Antelope Ridge Wind Power project (Project). The Project would involve erecting up to 164 wind turbines, varying in height from 328-475 feet each, on 11,000 acres of land in Union County in the vicinity of the City of Union (City), with the potential to generate up to 300 megawatts of electricity. The city had investigated the potential for the Project to impact the City’s costs of providing public services, and its property tax revenue. In general, we found that other communities near similar wind projects have so far experienced minimal impacts related to the projects. Still, the Project-related burden on the City’s voluntary and understaffed fire and emergency resources could be noticeable relative to its existing needs and responsibilities. Also, while data from other communities do not show that nearby wind projects have so far resulted in substantial reductions in property values, other evidence suggest that there is potential for the City’s property tax revenues to decrease due to the Project. This is formaiton is  summarize in a report by ECONORTHWEST, click here.

For ARWF most resent update, click here.

Letter from Antelope Wind Farm September 2013, click here.


Welcome to the historic City of Union, in beautiful Eastern Oregon

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  Union was platted on November 11, 1864 along the Oregon Trail.[3] The name references the Union states, or Northern States, of the American Civil War.[4] La Grande was named the county seat when Union County was created in 1865.[4] Due to the Thomas and Ruckle Road going through Union, it elected the county seat in 1872, but when the railroad was built it was put through La Grande instead of Union. La Grande became the bigger town within the county and regained the county seat in 1902.[4] J. W. Shelton, a local attorney,...

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