Union County Sheriff Contract Update


City of Union will not renew Union County Sheriff Contract, current contract ends September 30, 2016.

Contract negotiations reach impasse between City of Union and Union County Sheriff’s Department.

The City of Union continues our commitment to work with our community to prevent and solve crimes through existing police services of the Union County Sheriff Department and the Oregon State Police Department.

The City of Union, on behalf of the citizens of Union taxpayers have been attempting to negotiate for the past 9 months a new service contract with the Sheriff’s Department but have reached an impasse over service costs and the basis for those services provided by the Sheriff’s Department.

The city hereby expresses profound appreciation for the high level of care and professionalism rendered by both Union County Sheriff and his deputies and Oregon State Police. Knowing these skilled and dedicated professionals are policing our communities give great comfort as we transition to a similar model of policing provided to our sister communities La Grande, Cove, North Powder, Imbler and Summerville.

For more information contact

City of Union

Sandra Patterson, City Administrator

Office: 541-562-5197

Welcome to the historic City of Union, in beautiful Eastern Oregon


Union was platted on November 11, 1864 along the Oregon Trail.[3] The name references the Union states, or Northern States, of the American Civil War.[4]

La Grande was named the county seat when Union County was created in 1865.[4] Due to the Thomas and Ruckle Road going through Union, it elected the county seat in 1872, but when the railroad was built it was put through La Grande instead of Union. La Grande became the bigger town within the county and regained the county seat in 1902.[4] J. W. Shelton, a local attorney, chartered the Union Electric Power and Light Company in March 1890 to bring the railroad from Union Junction (2.5 miles away) to Union itself.[4] The company was renamed the Union Railway Company in July 1890, and the rail spur was built into Union by August 1892.[4] Shelton planned to build more lines, had a fight with his company partners (the Hutchinsons), then two competing firms were formed: Shelton’s The Union Railway in January 1893, and Hutchinsons’Union Street Railway and Suburban Railway.[4] Both companies competed to buy the Union Railway Company.[4] Shelton maintained control until August 1905, when The Union Railway was renamed to the Union, Cove and Valley Railway. This company was bought the following year by a timber company from the East Coast.[4]

During the 2006 November elections, Kyle Corbin, an 18-year-old college student, was elected mayor after a successful write-in campaign. He had promised to bring an end to the political chaos that had plagued the town for the last two years, which included three councilmen and mayor Deborah Clark being removed in recall elections. “I know the procedures and rules,” he told an Oregonian reporter. “I’ve run a meeting with a bunch of high school kids.”[5] Since then, one newspaper reports that “talk around town about whether the young mayor will succeed ranges from skepticism to sunny optimism.”[6]