Code Enforcement

City of Union ordinances are a type of authoritative law, rule, or regulation made by the City Council, as opposed to a law made by a state or national government.   It is intended to address issues of concern, and typically applies to people and property in the City of Union.  When a new city ordinance is enacted, it becomes part of Union’s municipal code.

Most of Union’s ordinances address issues relating to public health, safety, and welfare which either prohibit or proscribe a certain type of behavior.  If a person fails to comply with an ordinance, he or she can be fined.  In most cases an offending person will receive a warning from Union’s Code Enforcement Officer.

Zoning regulations are among the most common types of city ordinances. This code controls the layout and development of Union.  It regulates and sets rules about whether a piece of land can be used for commercial, residential, recreational or industrial purposes.  Union’s Zoning Ordinance is Chapter 151 and Union’s Subdivision and Partition Ordinance is Chapter 152. Click here to access all city codes.

Union County Animal Control Barking Dog Log, click here. If you would like to fill out a complaint form, click here.  Please return to the Sheriff’s Office in La Grande.

Property owner must keep property free from noxious vegetation. Owner shall cut down or destroy grass, brush, weeds as often as needed to prevent them from becoming unsightly, from becoming a fire hazard or from maturing or from going to seed.

All other ordinances can be found below.

Click here to access all city codes.