Emergency Services

Fire Chief Keith Montgomery I would like to personally welcome you to the Emergency Services Department. The City of Union is a full service emergency provider, fully staffed with local volunteers. We encourage those who are interested in volunteering to visit the site to learn about us, our functions, mission, plans and accomplishments. We take our positions as volunteers seriously by providing emergency services and service during catastrophic events.

If you have any ideas, questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me (541) 562-6226 or my cell 910-6002.

The volunteer application consist of three sheets Form 1, Form 2 and Form 3. Once completed return to city hall.

For more information visit click here.  



City of Union Emergency Services is looking for individuals who would like to volunteer.  In return, you will be provided invaluable hands-on training for firefighter 1 and/or medical responder.  If neither of those are interesting there are many other duties around the fire hall such as filing, washing trucks, maintenance, etc. that can be done to help the department.  Must be at least 18 years of age to be a firefighter or medical responder and possession of a valid drivers license, and willing to learn.  While this is a time consuming endeavor, it is a invaluable experience and extremely rewarding. The group of volunteers are welcoming and have created a family like atmosphere.  The department on occasion gets to do other fun community activities.

If you are interested pick up an application at city hall or down load one from this page.  The volunteer application consist of three sheets Form 1, Form 2 and Form 3.  If you have questions please call me at 541-562-6002.