Mayor and City Council

The City Council is the elected governing body of the city government. The Council is
responsible to the citizens for:

  • Establishing community-wide goals that address short-and long range needs
  • Formulating policies that define a course of action and shape city operations.
  • Providing quality services using available resources

City Council members are local leaders. The electorate expects the Council to set the tone and direction for municipal operations. Council regular meetings are held the second Monday of the month at 7 pm Union City Hall.

A copy of Councils 2015 short term goals, click here.

A copy of the Councils 2015 long term goals, click here.

Mayor Leonard Flint
Expires January 2019

  John Farmer
Position 5
Expires January 2021

Randy Knop
Position 2
Expires January 2019


Sue Hawkins
Position 1
Expires January 2021


Matt Later
Position 4
Expires January 2019

Jay Blackburn
Position 3
Expires January 2021

Sky Mitsch
Position 6
Expires January 2019

Jayson Blackburn
High Student Councilor
Term September 2016 – May 2017