Planning Department

Welcome to the Union’s Planning Department. Here you will find links to several application forms and processes, master plans, and information about planning in Union.

The City of Union’s Planner is also the City Administrator. Land Use decisions fall into three categories, based on who makes the final decision staff or “ministerial decisions”, Planning Commission decisions and City Council decisions.

The City of Union does not actually issue building permits: they’re issued by the county building department. The “pre-building permit” issued by the City of Union is nothing more than zoning approval. The City is certifying that what the applicant wants to build is legal under the Zoning Ordinance. The county is not supposed to issue a building permit in Union with out this approval from the city.

An applicant for a pre-building permit needs to bring in a sketch (formal plans aren’t necessary) showing where the proposed building will sit on the lot. Staff will also need a legal description of the property (with an address, it can usually be found on the county plat maps). Staff verifies the zoning, makes sure the setbacks the applicant is proposing comply with the zoning and if so, issues the permit. The fee is $25.00.

Setback Requirements
Minimum requirements shall be 20 feet front yard line, 10 feet side yard line and 10 feet rear yard line. Both street frontages of corner lots shall be considered front yards. Accessory structures minimum setback requirements shall be five feet from side yard or rear lot lines. On all streets and street easements of less than 40 feet, building setbacks shall be calculated so that if the street right of way were widened to 60 feet the above minimum setbacks would result. No building permit shall be issued for construction of a building without such setback adjustments unless a variance is granted. (Section 3.516 amended; Ord. No 351, Sept 8, 1980)



  • PreBuild – needed for all construction projects in city limits.
  • Planning Application– needed for conditional use, variance permits and partitions.