Utility Billing Department

The mission of the Utility Department is to provide billing and inquiry services of
the highest quality to the residents of Union in an efficient and progressive manner.

We are committed to providing these services with integrity, honesty, fairness, and
a dedication to excellence while complying with all Utility Billing laws and standards.

Meter readings are conducted monthly by Public Works employees; the reads are
then inputted into our database where they are calculated. A file is then created
and bills are printed and mailed. Winter reads consist only of the downtown
businesses and a few residents, with more residents being added each year due to the meter replacement program. Winter reads is approximately November through April.

The department also serves as a point of contact for customers who have inquiries
regarding their bills and for residents who wish to establish a new account or close-
out an account from a property which they have vacated. Inquiries can be made by
calling City Hall 541-562-5197.


Base Water/Sewer/User Fee  for single -family residence as of 07/01/2017
$92.09 per month (See breakdown below)

Small Business-$84.62 (See breakdown below)


Water Cost:
$22.79 for single-family residence, (1-REU) the base water is for 1000 cubic feet.

$15.32 for small business up to 200 cubic feet on a 3/4 inch meter.

For each cubic feet of water used in EXCESS of the base allowance the charge will be .01 per cubic foot.

7.48 gallons equals 1 cubic foot.
7,480 gallons equals 1000 cubic feet.

Water Project Fee: $6

Sewer Cost:
$53.30 for a single-family residence & small business

Disconnect Rate: (Disconnection of service for a period of time)(See breakdown below)
Water: $14.34, Sewer: $33.03, EMS Fee: $10.00, and Water Project Fee: $6.00

EMS (Emergency Service) Fee:
$10.00 per REU

New Customer Set Up Fee:
A non refundable set up fee is required for all new applicants:
Water: $25.00
Sewer: $25.00
Total $50.00

REU = Residential Equivalent Unit
Ordinance No. 508 and Ordinance No. 515

“It has been a pleasant experience starting a small business and residence in this quaint, self-contained, small community of Union. Thank you to all of Union for their friendliness and support, We are very happy and content being a part of this beautiful historic City.”

~Charma D. Vaage, Sights & Sounds Video/Consignment Shop.