Union County Sheriff Contract Update


City of Union will not renew Union County Sheriff Contract, current contract ends September 30, 2016.

Contract negotiations reach impasse between City of Union and Union County Sheriff’s Department.

The City of Union continues our commitment to work with our community to prevent and solve crimes through existing police services of the Union County Sheriff Department and the Oregon State Police Department.

The City of Union, on behalf of the citizens of Union taxpayers have been attempting to negotiate for the past 9 months a new service contract with the Sheriff’s Department but have reached an impasse over service costs and the basis for those services provided by the Sheriff’s Department.

The city hereby expresses profound appreciation for the high level of care and professionalism rendered by both Union County Sheriff and his deputies and Oregon State Police. Knowing these skilled and dedicated professionals are policing our communities give great comfort as we transition to a similar model of policing provided to our sister communities La Grande, Cove, North Powder, Imbler and Summerville.

For more information contact

City of Union

Sandra Patterson, City Administrator

Office: 541-562-5197